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Jürgen Sarnowsky (Hg.): Konzeptionelle Überlegungen zur Edition von Rechnungen und Amtsbüchern des späten Mittelalters.
Mit 19 Abbildungen.
V&R unipress, Göttingen 2016.
117 Seiten, 30,00 EUR.
ISBN-13: 9783847106777

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The edition of account books and official registers has gained importance in historical research. Faced with the mostly repetitive, but also complex structure of the texts, special efforts are necessary to make its contents easier accessible to the users. In the papers of the volume, the main problems are discussed and starting points for solutions are offered, demonstrated by significant examples. Firstly, this concerns the question how to deal with the often quite extensive materials, especially how to organize full text editions. Secondly, methods from the digital humanities are introduced which will further the analysis of the materials, especially the markup of the texts which allows the formation of categories and different ways

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