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Christian Schneider / Gerhild Scholz Williams / Sigrun Haude (Hg.): Rethinking Europe. War and Peace in the Early Modern German Lands.
Brill / Rodopi, Boston 2019.
360 Seiten, 127,00 EUR.
ISBN-13: 9789004401914

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„The Thirty Years‘ War (1618-1648) lies at the intersection of early modern and modern times. Frequently portrayed as the concluding chapter of the Reformation, it also points to the future by precipitating fundamental changes in the military, legal, political, religious, economic, and cultural arenas that came to mark a new, the modern era. Prompted by the 400th anniversary of the outbreak of the war, the contributors reconsider the event itself and contextualize it within the broader history of the Reformation, military conflicts, peace initiatives.

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