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Albrecht Classen (Hg.): Travel, Time, and Space in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Time. Explorations of World Perceptions and Processes of Identity Formation.
De Gruyter, Berlin 2018.
704 Seiten, 138,95 EUR.
ISBN-13: 9783110595031

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Albrecht Classen hat einen Band zu Reisen und Raum und Zeit im Mittelalter und in der Frühen Neuzeit herausgegeben
Ausgabe 09-2019

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Research on medieval and early modern travel literature has made great progress, which now allows us to take the next step and to analyze the correlations between the individual and space throughout time, which contributed essentially to identity formation in many different settings. The contributors to this volume engage with a variety of pre-modern texts, images, and other documents related to travel and the individual’s self-orientation in foreign lands and make an effort to determine the concept of identity within a spatial framework often determined by the meeting of various cultures. Moreover, objects, images and words can also travel and connect people from different worlds through books. The volume thus brings together new scholarship focused on the interrelationship of travel, space, time, and individuality, which also includes, of course, women’s movement through the larger world, whether in concrete terms or through proxy travel via readings. Travel here is also examined with respect to craftsmen’s activities at various sites, artists‘ employment for many different projects all over Europe and elsewhere, and in terms of metaphysical experiences (catabasis).

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